Stone-Coated Steel Shingles

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To give you the appearance of premium asphalt shingles with the lifetime guarantee of metal, our stone-coated shingles are what we recommend. These specialty shingles by Speedy Pro Roofing are sleek and make for an aesthetically pleasing roof that will last for a lifetime. In addition to always looking pristine and like new, they are incredibly durable and able to withstand even the most severe weather conditions.  To achieve this, we coat our superior-strength 24-26 gauge steel with a thick layer of stone. By doing this, we are able to create the perfect combination of beauty and strength to protect your home and make it look great.

Stone Coated Steel

How can you tell our stone-coated steel shingles are the best?

  • Long lasting beauty – Your Speedy Pro stone-coated steel shingle roof will look like new for as long as you own your home, guaranteed.
  • Class 4 hail impact rating – Thanks to the highest hail impact rating possible, your roof will be able to withstand hail up to the size of a baseball
  • Class A fire rating – You can rest easy knowing your home is protected by the highest fire rating available.
  • 130 MPH wind rating – Wind does not stand a chance against our highly durable shingles. You will never find pieces of shingles on the ground after a windy day.
  • Algae resistant – Our metal shingles are made with alloy compounds that prevent the growth of algae.

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At Speedy Pro Roofing, we are dedicated to bringing a customer service focus to the roofing industry. Protecting you and your home is paramount to us, and we want to make dealing with roof replacement and maintenance as hassle free as possible. Our Integrity Collection of products and our Integrity Installation Process are second-to-none, and ensure that every roof is durable and safe. Our Roofing Advisors will come to your home and complete a 16 Point Evaluation and design consultation for free so that you can be sure you have a professional and reliable team on your side.

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