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Poor ventilation in your attic will negatively impact your roof and home in several ways that can lead to the need for a roof replacement. Speedy Pro Roofing will conduct a FREE 16 Point Evaluation, which will check for problems caused by poor attic ventilation. After our thorough inspection, we will share what we have found with you. If there is a ventilation problem, we will correct that during our install so your new roof  will last a lifetime. You can rest easy knowing that the experts from Speedy Pro Roofing will work hard to take care of your home and protect it with an incredibly reliable roof.

Roof Ventilation

Signs of poor attic ventilation include:

  • Black mold/mildew – Black mold in the attic is a result of poor ventilation that causes excessive moisture buildup.  This can often lead to health problems within your home.
  • Water stained ceiling and/or walls – Excessive moisture buildup in your attic can result in water marks and water dripping inside your home.
  • Curling shingles – If your shingles look like bacon cooking, this means your poorly ventilated attic is experiencing extreme heat, causing your shingles to bake and start to curl up at the edges.

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All Speedy Pro residential roofing installers are all hard-working, detailed, and fully certified professionals. We know having a beautiful and effective roof is important to you, and we take pride in providing the best roofing services at affordable prices. Speedy Pro Roofing works to protect homes by using our Integrity Collection of products, our Integrity Installation Process, and skilled Roofing Managers to install perfectly reliable roofs. Our work comes with several guarantees: As long as you own your home, you will Never Roof Again. Should any emergencies come up, contact our Customer Care Representatives who are available 24/7, and we will address the situation promptly. Speedy Pro Roofing is here to protect you and your home with beautiful and durable lifetime roof.

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