16 Point Roof Inspection


At Speedy Pro Roofing, we take care of our customers.  To ensure you get the best roofing services, we will conduct a free 16 point inspection, help you design your new roof, and provide you with a fixed price quote, all at no charge.  Our detailed inspection guarantees that you are made fully aware of the state of your roof and helps us to prescribe the best solutions for any issues uncovered.  We guarantee to honor the quotes we give to our customers. If for any reason we find hidden damage missed during our inspection, we will fix it at no additional charge to our customers—so there are never any surprises.

Roof Inspections

Our thorough 16 Point Roof Evaluation checklist includes:

  • Examining the condition of the roof from the ground
  • Determining the appropriate materials for your roof by examining the pitch
  • Confirming the number of roofing layers that may need to be removed
  • Looking for nail pops (nails that have extruded through the shingles)
  • Inspecting and all skylights and vents
  • Checking for waviness in the roof
  • Observing and noting any weak areas in the decking
  • Checking gutters for proper sizing and downspout drainage
  • Noting any moss or algae growth
  • Examining the attic ventilation system
  • Checking flashing around chimneys or walls
  • Inspecting the condition of any pipe boots
  • Checking for buckled, blistered, or curled shingles
  • Inspecting the attic for any damage to decking or rafters
  • Checking for mold on the decking
  • Checking for moisture in the attic
  • Verifying level of attic insulation is adequate

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A properly functioning roof is paramount to keep you and your home protected from the elements. We welcome you to reach out to our Speedy Pro Roofing experts to guarantee your roofing services are done right. We strive to make the roofing process as smooth as possible; our affordable and reliable roofing systems are installed by certified professional installers using premium materials. With our Integrity Collection of products and Integrity Installation Process, we are able to offer our customers a lifetime guarantee, which means you will Never Roof Again. For as long as you own your home, you will never have to replace your roof again after Speedy Pro Roofing provides you with a supremely strong and reliable system.

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