Roof Replacement Timing

Roof replacement image showing a new metal roof on a farmhouse style home.

There isn’t ever a great time to have a roof replacement. However, there are optimal times. Of course, when there is a weather emergency that causes the need for immediate roof repair, then it needs completion right away. This is why it helps to pay attention to the shingles and other parts all year long. 

Some such times to pay special attention to determine if roof replacement or repair is needed include:

    • After an intense or unseasonal weather event
    • Upon noticing a leak in the ceiling 
    • Before buying or selling a home 

Beyond Typical Roof Maintenance 

Knowing when to care for the roof of a home is important. Getting the entire thing replaced can be a much bigger ordeal. Granted, a roof replacement doesn’t take too long. 

Did you know that sometimes a full job can be done within a week? It all comes down to when to get the roof replacement done. Knowing when and doing this at the optimal time can save time and money. Choosing the right time to replace an old roof, and acting accordingly makes everything easier on everyone. 

The Best Time of Year for Roof Replacement 

Consider the weather, including humidity and temperature, and it’s not too hard to see why Fall is the best time of year for roof replacement. The weather is typically cool, crisp, and dry.

All of these things are helpful when doing a complete overhaul. The low humidity and heat mean that shingles can be applied quickly and easily. Plus, the fall is also ideal for contractors. When the weather is cool and overcast, it is more comfortable overall for replacing a residential or commercial roof. 

Roof Replacement Considerations

Planning for a roof replacement is ideal. However, when your roof springs a leak or another urgent issue arises, the best time to get it fixed is now. Waiting for the right time of year can ultimately cause more damage. This can easily turn a small issue into a much bigger problem. If you have a situation like this, then of course there is no bad season! 

Get Help Replacing Your Roof

In the case where you do have some time, we can help you plan for your new roof, roof replacement, or any repairs needed. The best thing to do is to give us a call and let us inspect the site, then together we can plan the best course of action for your roof. Our team is qualified to spot trouble spots and potential issues that could arise down the line. 

Here for You When You Need Us

Speedy Pro Roofing has a qualified team that is available year-round. They are ready to tackle urgent issues or help to plan ahead. All jobs are guaranteed, year-round and we have the experience to tackle all roofing needs when they are needed! Contact us to get started with our team! 


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