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Quality Attic Insulation is key to an Energy Efficient Roof

Prior to performing any roofing services, our Roofing Advisors conduct a thorough 16 Point Evaluation of your attic and roof to assess any damages or areas of concern. We inspect and evaluate the current attic insulation and determine whether or not it is adequate. If your attic insulation is insufficient, our roofing inspection will tell us.  We may then suggest that you add additional insulation.  This will ensure that your home is as energy efficient and comfortable as possible.  Proper attic insulation, combined with adequate ventilation will extend the life of your roofing system.

Attic Insulation

Poor attic insulation negatively affects your home in various ways, including:

  • High utility bills – If your home does not have adequate or proper insulation, interior temperatures becomes significantly more difficult to maintain, which means your HVAC systems will be using more energy and your utility bills will be much higher than necessary.
  • Damaged home structure – Without proper temperature regulation, your home may encounter excess heat and moisture, which will contribute to the degradation of the structure of your home.
  • Reduced indoor air quality – Inadequate insulation allows air pollutants to enter your home. Over time, this can significantly reduce the air quality in your home.
  • Reduced indoor comfort – Without consistent temperature regulation, your home can experience significant temperature fluctuations, making you and your family far less comfortable.
  • More HVAC wear and tear – Constant temperature fluctuations cause your HVAC systems to work much harder to maintain proper temperatures in your home. Working harder and more often will result in more wear and tear.

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Roofing projects go smoothly with Speedy Pro Roofing because our specialists perform exceptional services at the most competitive pricing. We provide completely free, incredibly thorough inspections to ensure that you are fully informed on the condition of your roof. We  then make recommendations and help implement optimal solutions. Upon agreeing to proceed with our services, we will not only give you the lowest possible fixed quote pricing, but also provide you with a variety of financing options. With our Easy Pay Solutions, you can rest easy knowing you got the roof you wanted with payments you can afford.

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