3 Important Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection

Roof inspection for leaks near a duct.

Rather than having a regular roof inspection, many people do this on an “as-needed” basis. Even though this is a major expense for owning a home, people sometimes forget this large detail. They wait until they are selling their home or until they notice damages of some variety. This is unfortunate because a roof inspection can save a lot of money. A home is a huge investment and without regular care, one of the largest expenses can go unnoticed until it is too late. Not only can regular roofing inspections improve the energy efficiency throughout the home, but they can also prevent leaks, and ensure proper care of the entire home.

When to Get a Roof Inspection

Since roofing repair can result in expensive costs, it is smart to have a roof inspection done before there is damage. In the case where damage is unavoidable, it should be done as soon as possible. The easiest way to know for sure, the health of the roof on a home, is to have it looked at on a semi-regular basis. This could mean calling a professional for advice every couple of years. However, there are a few times when a roofing inspection should be done.

Damaged patch on roof with shingles missing due to weather.

  1. After a Major Storm
  2. Experiencing Leaks
  3. Before Selling or Buying a House

Roofing Inspection After a Major Storm or Weather

When the weather hits, it can do a number on shingles and other parts of the roof. Sometimes this is easily noticed because there will be wear and tear, or easily seen damage. This isn’t always the case. Water and ice damage can cause shingles to lift, over time causing damage to the roof underneath.

Roofing Estimate When Experiencing Leaks

Leaks are one of the easiest to identify problems with a residential roof. Most of the time small spots of water or moisture over time is visible in the attic or through the ceiling. Without repair, this can compound to much larger (and more expensive) damage.

Roofing Estimate Before Selling or Buying a Home

Many states require a roof inspection before selling a home as part of the real estate process. Homeowners looking to sell their home will often have this done before the formal inspection so they know what to expect when listing a house. When purchasing a new residence, it is smart to make sure that the roofing inspection was also done. This is a good way to also test the process and have a clear expectation of the value and health of the home.

Ready for a Free Roof Inspection?

When you call Speedy Pro Roofing, you will not get an estimate for work that needs to be done. Instead, our roofing contractors guarantee the price of a repair or replacement with a quote. The difference that this makes is that the price that is quoted is the price that is paid. There is no wiggle room or unforeseen costs. Even in the case where, while completing a roof repair, for example, more damage is found. The price won’t change. Our roofing contractors will guarantee the job and do additional work for no additional charge.

Get a FREE Roofing Inspection Today!

Your home is an investment and one of the best ways to ensure it stays in good standing is to have the roof checked for flaws. We guarantee the work, from roofing inspection to finish. Whatever is going on in your life, let our roofing contractors help you out. Give us a call today to schedule your roof inspection!

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